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Due to the challenges of living in our modern world, many of us struggle to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are constantly bombarded with contradictory information when it comes to health and nutrition. Medea can help guide you down a clear path to a healthier lifestyle.

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With health coaching, you will finally learn HOW foods affect your health, which ones to avoid completely, and which your body is desperately in need of. Medea will custom tailor a unique health program to fit your needs and improve your lifestyle.

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Medea is proud to offer a series of Corporate & Community Wellness Workshops throughout the South East. Cooking classes, seminars, and community events are happening in and around your community! Come join the movement and start on the path to a healthier lifestyle today!

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  • Early 2016 my allergist suggested that if I could find a way to start juicing it should improve many health issues I was deaIing with. I stepped into Medea's Juice Bar to take a look around and my life took a change for the better.  My journey to better health began that Sunday morning after speaking with Medea.  I was dealing with food and environmental allergies.  I like to say I am allergic to almost everything.  Sadly, I had no allergies until my mid forties.  I had always been extremely healthy.  I am very active and what most would call a "type A" personality - I look for things to be stressed about!  The stress finally caught up with me.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, then shellfish allergy, then nut allergies.  A year later I was diagnosed with environmental allergies after many frustrating months of not knowing what was wrong.  My immune system was "turning on me."  I also began suffering from oral allergy syndrome - meaning I could not eat raw fruits and vegetables.  For years I ate fast food and frozen dinners three times a day - and this lifestyle had caught up with me.

    I began the health coaching program with Medea last February and quickly began experiencing positive benefits.  I went from one who rarely cooked to cooking daily and loving every minute of it.  I was able to enjoy the benefits of juicing and add back raw fruits and vegetables into my diet.  I quickly began craving real foods instead of my usual menu of fast/processed foods!  Medea also covered all areas of my lifestyle - not just what my eating habits were.  This is an intensive program with so many positive benefits I could not begin to list them.  The program lasted for 6 months but I still receive support from Medea through emails, recipes and text messages just to check in with me.  

    I highly recommend this program BUT you have got to be ready to do this for yourself

  • Anne B.

    I recently did the Juice Detox Program and would like to give my feedback.  I have trying to lose weight, eat healthly, and feel better for a long time. This program is exactly what I needed to start that process.  I followed the program and at the conclusion was feeling so much better.  I have been traveling out of town on a regular basis for the last 3 years to help care for my mother who has cancer and also work a full time job.  I wasn't taking care of myself, I stopped exercising and my nutrition choices were very poor.  I knew I had to do something because along with my unhealthy lifestyle I started to experience anxiety and depression.  This program helped me to eliminate caffeine, sugar and processed foods, and I immediately felt my anxiety go away.  I've lost weight and I am able to deal with life with a positive attitude, and look forward to exercising.  The juices are delicious and I still stop in and treat myself to Medea's fantastic juices.  Medea has obviously spent a lot of time developing this program, and it's nice to be able to reap the benefits of her knowledge.  She is very accessible and helpful and her staff are also wonderful.

    Thanks to everyone at Medea's Espresso and juice bar, you helped me start my journey to good health!

  • Marilyn G., Canton, NC

    After years of yo-yo dieting, Medea showed me how to stop trying to control the quantity of what I was eating, and focus instead on eating high quality, natural foods. I've discovered a new world of delicious whole foods bursting with flavor, and have also learned tons of new recipes that are both easy and delicious! Now I know when I am full, and can finally enjoy eating without ever feeling guilty or like I've cheated. I have learned fun ways to stay active and actually enjoy exercising, instead of feeling like I should go to the gym to burn calories - ugh! Not only did I LOSE 25lbs, but I've been able to KEEP the weight off for over 3 years, and at age 53, am in the best shape of my life! Thank you, Medea, for showing me the way!          

  • Angela J., Burnsville, NC

    Medea has taught me to eat whole natural foods, cook for my health not my stress level, take better quality vitamins, and most importantly change my thought process. You can know all the right things to do but if you’re negative thinking and self-doubt are still there no amount of exercise or healthy eating will change your body. The negative thinking will always make you go for that one piece of chocolate or your favorite comfort foods. You will never change until you change the way you see yourself and the world around you. Medea has taught me that if you think negatively then negative things will happen to you. Yet, when you realize you are the master of your thoughts and you change all of the cut downs and negative thoughts into positive ones the world opens up great possibilities for you. When you think positive things then positive things will come your way. If Medea had not helped me I would still be spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I am so much happier now and I feel that anything is possible for me whether it be great health, more friendships, traveling the world, or more wealth. It is all possible because I can make it possible and you can too. Never feel that you are not worthy because you are. Thanks for all your help Medea! Also, I just came back from the doctor and thought you might want to know that my blood work today turned out even better than before - my sugar levels are great and my LDL was 86 and HDL was 62! Thanks again for all your help.

  • Molly P., Asheville, NC

    I wanted to give my full report:
    From the perspective of 3 days after:
    I really didn't have that hard of a time- the very few times I was hungry, I grabbed a handful of almonds. I toned down my exercise and slowed down a bit, which was nice- I was more tired the first two days than the last day and so I went to bed earlier and slept so well. I really enjoyed the taste of each of the juices, and loved how easy it was to have what I needed for the detox- no shopping, cooking, considering. I loved the results of a flatter tummy, dropping a few pounds, reducing cravings, desiring more veggies and fruits, being more mindful of what I'm eating, and here it is 3 days later, and I'm buying a juice at Medea because my body was craving it!
    Thank you so much for producing such goodness for us. I will certainly do this again.

  • Leanna O., Asheville, NC

    Prior to the program I felt somewhat bloated and I thought I had good energy. But I felt like a detox was needed as I never did one before and thought it would help.

    Once I started and I mean literally after two of the juices I felt more alert, focused and more energetic than I normally do.

    I felt like this energy stayed with me from morning, late afternoon and even into the evening.  This surprised me.

    My son and husband both noticed my energy.

    I also noticed my stomach is not bloated at all now. I also lost 4 ½ lbs over these few days. I do realize a lot of that weight is water, but it is encouraging.

    I did  find it challenging to drink more water on top of the juices, because I felt like I was always drinking.   But I was not hungry, but I was craving something warm.

    I will  have to get back with you on how I feel the next few days, but appreciate your juices and I am glad I tried your program.
  • For many years, I had been riding the roller coaster of emotional eating. I became addicted to a high carbohydrate, sugar, and processed food based diet. I weighed more than I ever had, and felt sluggish daily. I was extremely unhappy with how I felt and looked, yet somehow seemed unable to break this unhealthy cycle and lacked motivation. After lunch at Medea’s, I saw a sign in the restaurant about a 3 day juice detox program and inquired about it. Medea explained the program and also shared that she offered health coaching. I decided to try the juice detox, though it was coupled with a dose of skepticism. I followed it to the letter and felt amazingly changed in just those few days. I felt clean and light, and my stomach hadn’t been so flat or felt that comfortable in years. I immediately signed up for 6 months of her health coaching.

    Medea introduced me to an abundance of resources and information. The juice detox was pivotal in removing the physiological cravings of my poor eating habits; then it actually became quite easy to completely change my eating and make healthier choices. Medea offered the tools needed to assist me in really addressing how to stop the pattern using food to self medicate. Her coaching gently held me accountable to myself and was empowering. I lost 22 pounds and feel confident that I can continue on and reach my desired weight goal. 

    The biggest change for me was removing sugar from my diet. Without it, I no longer craved it. If I hadn’t experienced the the benefits of the 3 day juice detox, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible for me. At 48 years old, my entire life was one of being addicted to sugary foods. This was a major component in my pattern of emotional eating; my body constantly craved it so much that it became a crutch. Medea really helped me with staying on track and focusing on long term, permanent changes. Having her guidance over the course of many months was key in my being able to shift my prior behaviors. 

    I appreciate too, that this program is not about denying oneself of delicious foods, but rather about choosing a better option or healthy substitution. I now try harder to accept personal responsibility for my body and what I put into it. I don’t wish to go back to where I was, which was stuck. Medea’s approach is realistic and doable, and she lives it herself. I’m thankful to be on this path and recommend it to anyone considering it.

    Laura M.

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